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Portugal – a safe country that will make you feel at home.

With us, you will have all the assistance you need to make Portugal your home. We will endeavor to help in the search for your next property and everything that is related to it – whether through the Golden Visa investment process or just getting to know the richness of our country. Come and discover the extraordinary quality of life and the best that Portugal has to offer.

Moontown: Is with you to make big dreams come true – yours.


Portugal is one of the most appealing European countries to live in. It has a vibrant culture, very rich traditions, striking landscapes and places to discover.

One of the factors that will lead you to recognize the potential of Portugal is that it was rated the 3rd safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index, in 2020, in comparison with its neighboring country (Spain) in 38th place and France in 66th.

Portugal is recognized internationally for winning numerous awards in various categories. It maintains steady growth and attracts a high level of tourism which has proved to be an asset for investors who recognize its potential for business.

This recognized pro-investment environment has promoted numerous programs and policies that are very attractive for national and foreign investment.


A Mediterranean climate influenced by the Gulf stream provides a balanced and mild temperature. There are 850 kms of paradisiacal beaches bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal has superb golf courses and a mountainous interior with hilltop castles and villages. It has approximately 3 000 hours of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 17.5 ͦ C. It is the ideal country to enjoy year-round and offers something special for everyone who visits.


In Portugal, you will find a multilingual, warm and welcoming people who always seek to present the best of their country. Portugal is known for its superb dining establishments where one can discover the very rich typical Portuguese gastronomy which is much appreciated worldwide.

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